Our leadership team consists of a unique blend of skillsets across multiple industries and geographic regions.

Al lo

Founder, CEO

Al began trading equities and options pre-internet from the age of 17 for private investors and also worked at three of the largest Canadian banks as a management consultant before diving into distressed American real estate assets in 2009. He formed the Cactus micro-fund to acquire and flip housing foreclosures in 2010. In 2014 he formed Land Partners Fund to invest in raw land. In 2017 he founded LVSM PE Fund which acquired prime land parcels in between the strip and Chinatown Las Vegas.

Eric Chen


Eric Chen has more than 25 years of professional legal experience and licensed in Nevada and California. He founded his own law firm in 1994 and has advised many international investors on their entry into the U.S. business landscape. His 25 years of extensive legal and business experience makes him uniquely qualified to protect the interests of foreign investors. Eric also shares the core values of the Oasis approach, which is to capture undervalued and overlooked investment opportunities.

Kevin J Lou

Executive Partner

Kevin J Lou previously worked at a fortune 500 company specialized in the M&A sector. After obtaining his MBA from Wharton business school in 2008, Kevin co-founded IES, an M&E/Green consulting firm which occupied a leading position in its industry inside China. Its projects covered the majority of high-rise development projects during that period in China, including Shanghai Tower (632m), the tallest tower in China, obtaining LEED-CS PlatinumTM, the tallest building to achieve this certification.

Chad Christensen

Executive Partner

Chad was elected and served the Nevada State Legislature in multiple sessions spanning 2002 through 2011. Educated in International relations and fluent in Spanish, English and German, he easily understands the needs of entrepreneurs and investors who need to navigate the U.S. legal/regulatory landscape. Chad has direct experience advising on and achieving milestones related to local zoning bylaws and use-permits for various types of business activities.